Drawing and painting have always been second nature to me. I challenge myself to explore a subject matter by developing a full series of pieces within the venue. Working in this manner allows for expansion on a particular subject, thereby reaching further depths of exploration and understanding. As an artist I find this process conducive to creating a meaningful body of work

One series in particular has touched a cord with many. The series is called  The Scarves of Heaven.

The Scarves of Heaven series is a tribute to all who have gone through breast cancer; both survivors and those who have not survived. Each scarf represents a different personality, age group, and ethnicity, emphasizing the diversity of those who are stricken with this disease. The scarves, bound together by the disease, also help each other stay afloat with their support. As I have grown, the scarves have evolved to represent many things. They appear in many of my works as my interpretation of a landscape, still-life, or portrait. Color, line, composition, and patterns are key aspects of each piece that I create, but must be accompanied by a 'reason' for the piece - a message, a story. Drawing with colored pencil on wood is the medium that I find to be the most receptive to expressing my ideas on a two-dimensional surface.